Friday, February 24, 2012

PAEC Shine a Light Video

Thanks to the Academy of Media & Entertainment students for creating this video.  Special thanks to AME Coordinator, Mr. Eric Gersh, and students Kyle Wasserman and Josh Levin.

Check it out!

Friday, February 17, 2012

CHS Rocks the ARTS

This has been a terrific month for the ARTS at CHS.  So continuing with coverage about the A's - Academics • Arts • Athletics • Activities - congratulations to two of our premier ARTS programs, CHS Dance Team, and Unstrumental.

Weekly Featured Program
CHS Dance Team, coached by Kristen Furino

Thank you to photographer Ronna Kovner
We competed against 14 other teams and placed either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in every category, earning us the award of "3rd place Grand Champions" of the entire competition (which means we were the 3rd highest scoring team).  Out of 99 soloists that day, 2 of our dancers scored among the "Top 11 Dancers" and were asked to dance again for the final placement.  The results of the top 11 solo competition placed Tessa Gidish in 8th and Billi Marder won 1st place "Performer of the Year" receiving a cash scholarship and convention scholarship!
Team Routine Results:
Large routine: 1st place
Contemporary Routine: 1st place
Elite Routine: 2nd place
Character Routine: 2nd place
Small Contemporary Routine: 2nd place
Hip Hop Routine: 3rd place
Medium Routine: 3rd place

Soloist results:
Billi Marder: 1st place
Tessa Gidish: 1st place
Estella Shi: 1st place
Shoshana Orenstein: 4th place
Karen Mandel: 6th place

Improvisational Solo Results:
Tessa Gidish: 1st place
Billi Marder: 2nd place
Micaella Landers: 2nd place

Top 11 soloist Results:
Billi Marder: 1st place Performer of the Year
Tessa Gidish: 8th place

Congratulations also to our Instrumental Vocal Group for their fantastic performance in the Los Angeles A Cappella festival.  See article in this week's Acorn for details. 
To check out videos of the dance competition, click on some of the ARTastic links below.

Congratulations CHS Dance Team!  Congratulations Coach Kristen Furino, and Assistant Coach Sara Galon.

Next week:  A Capella Teams, Unstrumental and Bare Rythmn

FAVORITE—Calabasas High School’s a capella group, Unstrumental, beat out stiff competition at the Los Angeles A Cappella festival on Jan. 27 and 28 at UCLA. The group came in second place overall, winning Crowd Favorite and Best Arrangement for one performance and Best Staging for all three songs they performed. Brooke Wetterhahn won Best Female Vocalist. The coed group was the only high school a cappella group to compete against college singers in the festival. 

 Links  to youtube:

CHARACTER-2nd place:
LARGE- 1st place: 
MEDIUM- 3rd place:
INTERMEDIATE- 1st place 
HIP HOP-3rd place: 
ELITE- 2nd place:
SENIORS-2nd place:
BILLI IMPROV-2nd place Improv group 1: 
ESTELLA-1st place sophomore group 2:
KAREN-6th place senior group 2:
MICAELLA IMPROV- 2nd place improv group 2:
SHOSHANA- 4th place senior group 1:
TESSA IMPROV-1st place improv group 1:
TESSA FINAL SOLO: 1st place jr group 3 and 8th place regional dancer:
BILLI FINAL SOLO: 1st place jr group 1 and REGIONAL CHAMPION:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Academy of Media & Entertainment

LVUSD Board of Education invites Calabasas High School to present the AME on February 7, 2012

For more information visit our website Calabasas High School Academy of Media & Entertainment

Academy students gain real world experience in their classes  thorough project-based learning, interdisciplinary courses, and the integration of academic and technical curriculum.  Quad D Learning

3 Cohorts - 70 students
2009-2010 10th Grade
2010-2011 11th Grade
2011-2012 12th Grade

AME student filmaker, Jared Harris entered a PSA contest, and is currently one of five finalists!
Visit AAA website and vote for this terrific Public Service Announcement.

Stay-tuned for more projects from the talented students in CHS Academy of Media & Entertainment

Friday, November 4, 2011

October 2011

October comes to an end with a flurry of activities, crazy costumes, a little rain, and oodles of Coyote Spirit!  Homecoming dance, Halloween costumes, Tennis Court Reopening, and the progress of our Performing Arts Educational Center.  CHS is a place ON THE MOVE!  Check it out.
~Mrs. Foss

Gourmet Grill Cheese Sandwiches

Happy Halloween, teacher and student spirit(s)
Chef Allen
Dr. Bennett
Mrs. Midiri
Mrs. Harris

Tennis Courts Reopen!

Coach Kimberg, the visionary leader

It takes a village - team of supportive parents
Performing Arts Educational Center Progress

Calabasas Mayor pro Tem Mary Sue Maurer visits the PAEC site
Thank you to our community for supporting this project!    It is great to work in a city that supports education and the arts.

~Mrs. Foss